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Jul 1, 2012

Unexpected Potty Training Inspiration

So, at our house we have had a huge dilemma as far as potty training is concerned.  The problem is that we have to have our bathroom doors locked.  This is because a certain child of mine likes to flush anything and everything down the toilet, another child thinks the toilet is a nice foot relaxing.  This other child also has used the toilet for a drinking fountain.  Yet another issue...a certain child of mine likes to flood the bathrooms...constantly.  This child thinks the bathtub is a swimming pool and that it requires overflowing water to be any fun.  So, yes, we have decided to keep the bathrooms locked.  The dilemma is that Caiti doesn't have the language to tell me she has to go potty, so we've been dealing with sooo many accidents.  It's sort of been a lose/lose situation here as far as potty training is concerned.  We had tried to buy a toddler potty seat...but Caiti is way too big for that.  She's six years old.
Anyway, our kid's ABA supervisor was looking through her husband's camping catalogues and saw one of these:
Basically, it is a bucket with a potty seat on top.  I'm so grateful for that inspiration she had to realize that this might just work for Caiti.  I have to admit I was depressed at first to see this bucket/toilet sitting around my house.  But I got over it after I noticed that Caiti was going to the potty on her own and was so happy and proud to have her own potty.  We'll get there much sooner now that she has access to her potty, and as a major plus, no worries that our bathroom will get flooded or that we'll find random things clogging up the toilet.  Hooray!

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