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Jul 22, 2012

The Movie Cars

So, I was awakened at 2 a.m. this morning (not an uncommon occurence) by my cute Caiti.   She has a habit of kicking her door until someone comes to get her, so I have to actually get up so she won't wake everyone else up.  We decided to pass the time by watching Disney Pixar's Cars.
I wasn't feeling too cheery, (who would be after being woken up in that way after only getting three hours of sleep), but Caiti made things better by being adorable.  She would go right up to the screen and make her happy noises at all the characters.  She was absolutely enthralled.  So, of course, just like with the dump truck post earlier, it took me back a few years.
When Caiti was between the baby and toddler stages, I had a hard time keeping her still for 2 seconds.  I would get overwhelmed with the combination of super hyper Garrett and into-everything Caiti.  I figured out that if I strapped Caiti into her high chair with some snacks and turned on Cars, she was OCCUPIED for the  entire movie and would happily watch it.  That was my way of getting a much needed break.
Amazing how that is still the case.  It was nice to get a little break/nipper while she watched her old favorite this morning.

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