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Nov 15, 2016

Adele Remedy Lyrics

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for the moments when I can recognize that God is giving me a message, that He is there for me when I'm feeling down.
I've been fighting some major depression. Today as I was driving my kids home from school, I was listening to Adele's latest album, and her song, "Your Remedy" came on. As I was listening to the lyrics, I got the strongest feeling that in that instant, they were a message from God to me. When I'm sad, or feeling down, I know that going to my Heavenly Father with my problems really is the true remedy.

Aug 25, 2016

Prepaid Cell Phones: A Cheaper Alternative to Tablets

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for prepaid cell phones, not for the reason they are intended for...but yes, oh so grateful.
My sister came to my house one day bearing a gift, a prepaid phone.  It was one of the phones that didn't have a contract, etc.  Anyway, she told me how I didn't even have to pay for monthly minutes because I didn't have to use the actual phone.  I could just turn on the wifi and download my kids games and youtube on there, and then they wouldn't try to steal my phone all day.  We also wouldn't have to dole out a hundred bucks every time one of them decided to throw a tablet or watch youtube in the bathtub.
So, when you are starting up these cell phones, just let them run their attempts to activate your phone. (They usually take 5 tries and then give up), and then go on your merry way with an affordable,  fun-filled distraction for your kids.
My latest purchase is my favorite.  I found a WATERPROOF prepaid phone (Kyocera Hydro Prepaid Android Phone) for $20.  So now, the only reason I will have to replace them is for cracked screens!

Apr 25, 2016

DIY: Tie Shoes That Don't Have to be Tied

My kids can't tie their shoes.  So I decided to make their sneakers more of a slip-on experience:
First I tied each lace in a double knot (or even a triple knot) right next to the outside of the lace holes.
Next, I snipped the shoelaces, leaving just a little extra room after the knots.
And there you have it, slip on sneakers.  And, yes, I know they sell cuter versions at the store, but sometimes you've got to be resourceful and use what you have, right? ;)