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Jul 29, 2015

Solving the Window Dilemma

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for the idea I came up with inspired by my cousin Laci.  She's a contemporary artist, , and for fun, during seasonal times, she will paint store windows, etc.  
Now on to the reason I'm grateful for her.  My oldest son has an issue with being naked in his bedroom.  I normally don't mind if he's naked in his bedroom.  That is his space.  However, He's going through puberty right now.  Too much information?  And his bedroom window faces my neighbor's, who happens to have two sweet little girls.  I don't know if it is part of the puberty, but he has also become pretty destructive and knocks things off the walls, tables etc.  He also rips things up.  One of the things he likes to destruct is his curtains.I have tried blinds, curtains on a rod, curtains hooked into the little blinds clips, etc.  He tears them all down the second he gets in his room.  It's very frustrating to think of my pubescent son standing at the window in all his glory.  
Last night, I said a prayer that I could figure out a solution that he couldn't destroy.  This morning, I started thinking about my cousin, Laci, and her window paintings, and I realized that maybe I could try painting my son's windows.  I knew that seasonal store window paintings would have to be washed off, so that also eased my mind about painting windows in a home that I rent.  
I asked my cousin for advice on how to carry out my idea.  She told me that any acrylic paints will work. The cheapest paints are harder to get off later because they are kind of thin and watery.  She suggested finding the paints at an Art store or a craft store like Michaels.  I decided to use white paint, so that it wouldn't darken his room.  It turned out great, and the best part of all is that no one can see inside.  

So grateful for a solution to this problem. If I ever need to, I can easily wash the paint off with soap and water.