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Jul 13, 2012


As an autism mom, I'm very grateful for music.  When I'm singing with my kids, I feel like somehow I get through to them more than in any other way.  I love that they love to sing with me.  Of course, for some reason, my kids always think if I'm singing, they should be listening, so when we sing, it is more of a fill in the blank.  Example:
Me: Eensie Weensie _____
Caiti:  Spider
Me:  Went up the water ________
Caiti:  Spout
It's so cute though.  It's fun to see that they know words to songs that I don't realize they know.  I love how excited they get as Caiti dances around and Jason climbs all over me.
I love that Garrett gets on itunes and finds all the songs he likes to listen to.  It was so funny to find out that he loved certain songs.  My favorite example was when he would sing, "Free Falling" by Tom Petty or "Hallelujah," by Jeff Buckley in perfect pitch.  We didn't even know he knew those songs, but he had discovered them on our itunes.  He's so good at that.
It's pretty cool to me that my kids love music.  That is something that my parents instilled in me, and I'm glad I can do the same thing for them.

Just thought I'd share a couple cute videos of Garrett to go with this little post.  The first one is of him "dancing" in the car to his favorite song at the time, The Wiggle's "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing."  He got a little shy cause I think he thought we were laughing at him...which we were, but not in a mean way, we just thought it was SOOOOOO cute!!!!
This second video is what happens when you put the computer on mute during his favorite video of the song, "We are Family!"  Although, he was doing much more when I wasn't filming.  I think it's funny how Jason's carrying around the sour cream, like he's going to get to have that for a snack.

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