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Jan 25, 2012

Other Blogs By Autism Moms

As an autism mom, I'm greatful for those other blogs out there by autism moms.  This blog post is probably my favorite of all.  Love it!!!  It is from and I just had to copy and paste it on my blog because it's great.

Top Ten Things You Should (and Shouldn't) Say to The Parent of an Autistic Child

If you're the parent or caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum, Autism Awareness Month is not for you.  You are already aware of autism.  Like, really, really aware.  Aware that you need another cup of coffee, a Xanax, and possibly an advanced degree in Education Law.

Autism Awareness Month is for everyone else.  To help out, here's my Top Ten Things You Should (and Shouldn't) Say to The Parent of an Autistic Child.

10. DON'T SAY: "Wow, your son is great at math.  He's just like Rain Man."

      DO SAY:  "Wow, your son is great at math."

9. DON'T SAY: "He should probably be in a special class, so other kids won't make fun of him."

   DO SAY:  "We should probably be teaching our children more empathy."

8. DON'T SAY:  "You should try giving your kid more discipline."

    DO SAY: "You should try these brownies I made for you."

7. DON'T SAY: "Wow, your kids all seem to have a lot of problems.  Have you ever heard of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome?"

    DO SAY: "Wow, you're really on top of things for your kids.  It must be hard, but it seems like you're doing a great job."

6. DON'T SAY:  "You should change your child to an astronomically expensive, all-organic, gluten-free, casein-free diet of locally-grown organic broccoli and imported, cruelty-free snake oil capsules."

    DO SAY:  "Please sit down and rest while I make you some bacon-topped meatloaf and pour you a glass of wine."

5.  DON'T SAY: "I think autism is over-diagnosed these days. They're handing that label out like Mardi Gras beads."

    DO SAY: "I am alarmed by studies that show that autism spectrum disorders are actually under-diagnosed in girls and minorities.  Excuse me while I e-mail my legislator about my desire that he or she increase the fundng for autism research and education."

4. DON'T SAY: "Isn't he getting a little big for diapers?"

    DO SAY: "Here, I picked up this case of diapers and some extra Febreze for you while I was at the store."

3.  DON'T SAY: "I wish my kid was getting free extra help in school like that."

     DO SAY: "I wish I had remembered to mention to my legislator my desire that he or she stop slashing the budget for special education services like they're freaking Zorro or something.  Excuse me while I go send another email."

2.  DON'T SAY: "You look exhausted."

    DO SAY: "How about if I play Lego Star Wars with your kids for the next four hours while you take a nap?"

1.  DON'T SAY: "He's fine / it's no big deal / he'll grow out of it / all kids are like that."

     DO SAY: "It's so great that you got the diagnosis, even though he's obviously awesomesauce exactly the way he is."

Jan 24, 2012

Queen Califia's Magical Circle

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for Queen Califia's Magical Circle.  It is a beautiful mosaic garden done by French artist, Niki De Saint Phalle.  It's located in Escondido, CA, in Kit Carson State Park.  The first time I took my children there, I dubbed it "Autism Heaven" because there were so many beautiful colors, textures, mirrors.  It was amazing.  When I need to find something to do with my kids, that is a free place to go where I know they will all be happy. 

Jan 23, 2012

Little Reminders

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for the little reminders to be happy that I have posted in my house.  :)  This particular saying is something I found in a Seagull Book in SLC, UT when I was there visiting my sister, and I found it absolutely perfect for my home.  It reminds me that I am blessed each and every day when I look at it.

Jan 22, 2012


As an autism mom, I am grateful for the hours of entertainment mirrors provide my kids...and me when I am watching them. :)

Jan 15, 2012

Mattress protectors

As an autism mom, and basically any mom, I'm grateful there are mattress protectors for my cute little bed wetters so my whole house doesn't smell like urine.  The best mattress protectors I have found are at Ikea.  They are really soft on the top and have that vinyl-type bottom to keep the wetness off the mattress.  The sides that go over the bed are made of a stretchy fabric, so they don't rip if your kids are...say...bed jumpers.
My sister, also known as the coolest person ever at our house, also got these great mattress covers like the ones you use at the hospital, for my kids since they are getting bigger and sometimes mattress protectors don't fully protect the mattress.

Jan 1, 2012

Grocery Delivery

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for grocery stores that do home grocery delivery.  When I don't have someone to watch my kids and have to go grocery shopping, the LAST thing I want to do is take them with me.  I discovered grocery delivery by accident.  One week I was short on food and payday was a few days away.  I asked my sister if she could wire me some  money to help me get groceries.  She looked online for me and found that Von's (a grocery chain in California) did home delivery for a $10 fee.  She was able to pay for the groceries from her home in the midwest, and then they delivered them to my home here in CA.  I was absolutely amazed that this option was available. 
I have used the home-delivery service with Vons (Safeway Foods) often since then.  It was a staple for us when my husband was deployed. 
This is a good website to find stores in your area that do home delivery: