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Sep 18, 2012

Fancy Flyswatter

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for our flyswatter.  My kids love playing in the backyard, and our screen for the sliding glass door got trashed long ago.  Welcome minions of flies.  The other day, my husband wanted me to run to the store and buy a flyswatter.  I'm too lazy to do that, so I told him we could make our own.  We twisted a hanger for the handle, and cut up a cereal box for the swatter part.  The glue gun came in handy for putting it all together.  We were pretty proud of ourselves, and that baby killed us a whole lot of flies.


As an autism mom, I'm grateful for Adele's music.  I absolutely love her.  By accident, I discovered that my kids absolutely love her too.  I had her on in the morning before school, and my kids were all happy, didn't fight me on the getting ready part of the morning and happily went on the bus.  That was yesterday, and to make sure it wasn't a we are again listening to Adele before school.  I'm thinking this is going to be a before school ritual at my house.  It is so calming for my kids...oh wait...maybe it's calming for me which helps me feel less hectic in the morning.  That's gotta rub off on my kiddos.  Either way, yay for Adele.

Soccer Cone Hat

Two summers ago, we had the kids learning soccer.  So I bought a soccer net which included some blue soccer cones.  We haven't really played soccer in forever.  So, as an autism mom, I'm grateful that Garrett found another use for the soccer cones.  They make really fun hats.  :)

Sep 9, 2012

Dr. Phil ;)

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for the funny things in my the fact that Garrett LOVES Dr. Phil.  I guess it's my fault.  When I was pregnant with Caiti, and Garrett was the only one around, I was kind of obsessed with that show, and I would watch it every day.  I think Garrett subconsciously decided he liked Dr. Phil because he's super tall, bald and has a mustache...just like my dad did at the time.  I didn't realize Garrett even was aware of Dr. Phil until I brought home one of his books from the library one day.  He saw the picture on the cover, and said, "That's Dr. Phil!"  I bought Dr. Phil's Family First Book when it came out, and it was coverless after the first day because Garrett carried around the cover with the picture of his "friend" Dr. Phil on the jacket.
Now,  years later, Garrett will surprise me.  We'll be flipping through the channels, and he'll see the Dr. Phil Show on and make us stop and watch it.  Some days, the first thing he says when he wakes up in the morning is, "Watch Dr. Phil?"  :)
This past summer, when I was gone to my family reunion and left Kevin home with the kids, Kevin called to tell me that he was recording Dr. Phil for Garrett.  It made me laugh, and made me think I have a cute husband.
So, how does this relate to today???  Well, I have been super bored this evening. The kids are in bed, but it's Sunday night.  Therefore, football has been on nonstop...snore.  I decided to try and learn something new.  So I went on Pinterest and found a tutorial on how to make gift bows out of magazines.
I found an old 'O' Magazine and made a bow out of a pretty green advertisement and another advertisement that was mostly black.  When I was looking for a third page to make a bow out of, I came upon an advertisement for the Dr. Phil Show.  I got a huge grin when I decided to make this bow to top a future present for Garrett.  :)  The whole time I was putting the bow together I was laughing with glee.  I find it super hilarious, plus, I was smiling because I just know how much Garrett is going to love the bow...maybe even more than the gift.

Sep 7, 2012

Nicole Opened an Etsy Shop

As an autism mom, I'm thankful for my sister Nicole.  She's always looking out for me and my cute kids.  In an earlier post I wrote about how she made my kids weighted blankets because she had my family for Christmas.  I was so happy to get those.  Before she sent them, we would have several interruptions during the night.  Since my kids sleep with their weighted blankets, they have slept through the night almost every night.  It's wonderful.
It also reminded me of my own sensory issues and helped me figure out where my kids got them from because I could live underneath one of those weighted blankets, and I'm thinking of having her make one just for me.  ;)
So, as an autism mom, I'm grateful that she decided to open an Etsy shop so that other moms like me could find affordable blankets.  She basically is charging the cost of supplies plus $25 for the work time.  She is so cute and really wants to help families out there like mine.   That is so much cheaper, and her blankets are such high quality.
She's also got some other fun stuff on there too.  I'm soooo getting her turkey least for Kevin and me...since we're the ones who will actually use the forks that go in the feather parts, unlike some cute kids i know who try to sneak using their fingers.
Anyway, if interested, her Etsy shop is: