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Jul 19, 2012


As an autism mom, I'm thankful for the guidance that my kids receive from their wonderful teachers and all the support staff that they have (which are also a support to me).
Today we had Garrett and Caiti's end-of-school picnic.  It's weird with year-round school because when the back to school sales/ads start showing up, that is when I'm gearing up for the summer break.  Anyway, it was a joy to see Garrett and Caiti with all their cute friends, to mingle with the other parents, and especially to see the kind and loving way that the support staff and teachers interacted with my kids.
 I don't think I've ever been in the classroom when the aides weren't helping out Caiti  in some way.  I remember being so nervous for her to start kindergarten.  That was two years ago, and she has thrived in a school environment because it is structured and the people in her class are so great.
 This is Mr. Bryan.  We had to work really hard to get Garrett a one-to-one aide at school.  Mr. Bryan was his aide in both first and second grade.  We were very happy to learn that he is going to be moving on with Garrett to his new class next year.  Garrett absolutely ADORES Mr. Bryan.

It was bittersweet to have Garrett say goodbye to Ms. Zavala.  She has been his teacher for kindergarten and first grade, and she asked to have him again for second grade because she wasn't quite ready to let him go.  But, third grade means he'll have a new classroom.  Every day before school, Garrett says, "Go see Ms. Zavala.  Go see Mr. Bryan!"  It will be weird to tell him he's not going to see her next year.  I'm greatful for the last few years he's had in such a good environment with people who see his strengths.