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Jul 6, 2012

Printable Reminders

So, yet another post about awesome inspiration on pinterest:  I'm grateful for the great quotes, free printables, etc., that I have found on pinterest.  They are a good reminder for me.  For example, I tend to hold all my frustrations in and then explode at Kevin because it's not like I can feel good about myself if I take it out on my special  needs kids.  Poor Kevin.  Of course, he does the same thing to me.  So, I found these printables on and went ahead and hung them up as a reminder to be kind:

I found a perfect quote on pinterest about autism.  I find it very true and comforting and a good way to look at things.  It is "When you shine a pure light through a perfect diamond, a spectrum is born."  I printed it out and hung it on the wall next to the pure and perfect children on the spectrum that were born into my little family.
Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and these quotes from President Thomas S. Monson are a good reminder and help get me through the day:

I was pretty proud of the reminder I made (adding my own autism twist) to "carry on."  It's hanging right next to the front door and I look it at every time I leave or enter my house.

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