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Oct 30, 2012

Muppet Party Inspiration

As an  autism mommy I'm grateful for the several sources for inspiration out there so I can give my Caiti a party where she will feel happy and surrounded by family and friends (both people and plush).
Since Caiti's birthday is by Halloween, we decorated her pumpkins to go with her party.  They were out front to help welcome everyone.  :)

A few months back,  I  made Caiti  some Sesame-Street-shaped heads out of felt.  Then I  cut   out a bunch of different-shaped eyes, mouths, etc. I put velcro on the back, because velcro sticks to felt.  These came  in handy for an easy party game:   Pin  the face on the Muppet.  :)
I have been in  love with  the  Sesame Street and Muppet Alphabets by  m_baboon.  I used his alphabets as inspiration to make her  birthday banner with cardstock, scissors and glue.
I found awesome decor ideas on  They have a bunch of printable Muppet Paper crafts. 
The Muppet hand puppets in the top left corner of the pic were everyone's favorite, and I just thought the other crafts were too cute.
I found a cute party idea on pinterest ( for a "Create Your Own Kermit" craft.   I  totally borrowed that idea,but I thought Kermit  looked  lonely, so I had to add a "Make Your Own Miss Piggy" craft to the bunch.
We have bought several copies of the Dollar Store Sesame Babies book about Bubbles.  After our last copy got trashed, I framed a couple of pics for the kids bathroom.  They gave me inspiration for a bubbles station...However,  right after I took this picture, Jason found the gigantic thing of bubbles and was following me around with it, while I was trying to finish up party prep.  So I hid it, and then I totally forgot to get them out for the party.  Still, it was a good idea anyway, right?

Another game I  had that we forgot to play was Oscars Trash Toss.  Yes, I found the idea on Pinterest.  It made a cute decoration though.  I made Slimey (Oscars pet worm) out of felt.   It was my first attempt at a sewing craft with felt.  Good thing my sister Amy was a phone call away to tell me to put the yellow felt on the orange first, then roll it into the worm, then sew it together.
Our friend and respite provider, Maria, was a sweetheart and brought an Elmo balloon to go with the decor  We tied it to a basket full of all of Caiti's Sesame Street/Muppet books.
 She also had a cute cake made for Caiti with all her favorite Sesame Street friends.
My friend Whitney and I borrowed another pinterest idea and decorated the cups like Cookie Monster and the plates like Elmo.  Jason was OBSESSED with the Cookie Monster cups.  :)

Our party was so nice, such a success.   I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends and family who came and made my baby girl so happy.  Thanks for bringing the pizza, drinks, helping get everything set up.   And of course, thanks for the fun new friends that Caiti can play with now.


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