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Jun 3, 2017

A Couple Tips for the Parents of Poop Smearers from Other Parents of Poop Smearers

As an autism mom, who happens to clean smeared poo at least once a day, I'm grateful for the support groups on facebook that give handy tips.
For example:  One woman suggested that if you have lingering poo smell on your hands after cleaning all that loveliness, use a dab of toothpaste to wash your hands.  It will get the poo out.  It works too.  I tried it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for that tip.
Another hygiene product that works good for poop smeared in the hair is shaving cream.  Who knew?

Many parents suggest putting your kids in onesies or footie pajamas but having the zipper on the back.  I did try that, but my kids basically tore the pajamas apart to get out of them.  So that was a fail for me.  Another parent, when I posted that my kids won't stay in the onesies or footie pajamas suggested these:

Unfortunately, my kids are too big for those, but I wish I had known about them when they were younger, so I'm putting them on here for anyone who might be able to benefit from it.
And lastly, a friend and fellow Autism parent reminded me that I should get to the root of the issue. Her advice:
"Any routine to bathrooming? Is he time trained? If you can figure out the time he goes you can make sure to have him on the pot if he is potty trained and if not can change him right away. Doing some ABC data collection could help figure out the why he is doing it. ( A- Antecedent; what occurs directly before and/or leading up to the behavior (fecal smearing)? B- Behavior; the behavior itself; C- Consequence; what occurs after the behavior including reactions of caretakers? ) 
If it sensory then something simple as playing with strong scented Play-Doh or finger painting. If it's attention seeking cleaning everything up without eye contact and no words past " take off pants , get in shower" pretty much basic simple instructions. If it's something that started as something and has turned into habit an overcorrection procedure would be the first step I would take ( making him clean it , and make sure it isn't fun in any way shape or form , I used vinegar water as my son didn't like the smell and it didn't take too long for him to understand that poop play ended in him having to smell vinegar and clean ) I have found most behaviors here in autism land seem to be escape , sensory , or obtaining driven. So ABC data would be great to start with."

Good luck to all of us, as we continue to embark on our "crappy" journeys.

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