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Jan 16, 2017

Safety Suggestions for Our Wanderers

We recently moved to a new home.  Since moving in, one of our children has gotten out of the house and explored the neighborhood numerous times.  It's become such an issue that, like many autism parents out there, we basically have had to barricade our home from the inside.  We started out with a regular deadbolt, and when he figured how to use the key to get out, we upgraded to a digital deadbolt.  This is not the one-sided kind.  We found one where you have to enter a combination on both sides of the door. Here is a link to the one we have.  It can be tricky to install (we ended up installing it upside down to get it to fit correctly in our door), but so worth it.:

We are also basically on a first-name basis with our local police department.  They are usually pretty understanding.  Thank goodness.

Another thing we ended up doing is putting together a flyer introducing all of our kids to the neighbors. (I also gave it to the local law enforcement agency, who forwarded it to their patrol vehicles). Below is an example you can refer to, if you want to make your own flyer. Since I have three kids with severe autism, my example has three.  I was so grateful I handed out the flyers to my neighbors.  I have had two phone calls since telling me that my child was at different neighbors' houses, and yes, he just walked in, opened their fridges and ate their cheese.  It was a good way to meet some nice and understanding new friends.

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