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Jun 3, 2017

Swim Diapers for Bigger Kids and Adults

So this is another post where I'm grateful for those other parents in my facebook support groups who know the answers I'm looking for.
My kids outgrew swim diapers forever ago.  The problem is, they LOVE swimming.  I was trying to time their BMs, so that we wouldn't be swimming when that happened and just cross my fingers and hope for the best, but finally I found a solution, thanks to the other parents in my support group.
I personally liked the disposable swim diapers the best.  I already have enough laundry.  So, if you are looking for swim diapers for bigger kids or adults, Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diapers are a great option.  You can find them on North Shore's website and on

Other parents suggested washable swim pants, which would be cheaper in the long run.  A lot of autism parents use these.
I'm just excited that there are options out there for the bigger kids.  :)

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