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May 30, 2012

"It's's okay."

Today I realized where Garrett got the phrase he likes to echo that bothers me.  He was sitting at the computer watching Madagascar on itunes.  Alex the Lion was shipwrecked in Madagascar, and had just had his inner lion come out.  He even tried to eat his best friend, Marty, the zebra.  The words, "What is wrong with me!" popped out of his mouth.  "Grrrr"to Alex the Lion for teaching Garrett that phrase.  As an autism mom, I'm grateful that, when I hear him say that, I can truthfully answer, "Nothing's wrong with you.  You're perfect."  Because, even though he is considered disabled, he is perfect in God's eyes.
I am also grateful that he gives me a little clue if he's feeling sad.  He comes up to me, and tells me, "It's alright honey.  It's okay."  Then he waits for me to say those words back to him.  So I can take his hint when he is echoing the words I've said so many times, and give him a hug and say, "It's alright honey.  It's okay."  Somehow that makes things so much better.

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