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May 30, 2012

Better window stoppers

Sunday was an interesting day.  I was walking down the hallway and felt a breeze.  Uh oh.  Where was Garrett????   I looked in Caiti's room, and the window stoppers that I previously posted about were off of her window, and it was wide open.  Not good!  So I ran across the street to see if he was at the park.  "Darn you!" to whoever thinks it's a good idea to lock the park at night.  That would have been Garrett's first stop.  Normally, I would have ran down to the swimming pool or McDonald's next, due to past experience.  Luckily, a nice lady in a truck saw my worried face as I was crossing the street back to my house and asked if the little boy running down the road (the opposite direction of where I would have gone) was my son?  Phew.
I hate that moment when I have to decide whether to lock the other two in the house and hurry and drive down to get Garrett or to hurry and get the other two dressed, strapped in the car and head out to get Garrett, hoping he hasn't gotten much further.  
Fortunately, I found Garrett.  He had run almost to the end of the street, down by the elementary school.  Seriously Garrett?  Who wants to go to school on a Sunday?
One of our ABA tutors arrived at our house and was working with Jason, so I took Garrett and Caiti on an unwanted trip to the hardware store.  I HATE taking kids by myself to the store.  Maybe I should just say, "I hate taking Caiti by myself to the store."  She will not keep her shoes on, so I end up having to put her in the shopping cart.  That is always fun because then she tries to stand up the whole time and does her mad Caiti growl.  I love the looks we get when people see me pushing the cart, Garrett's feet up on the metal bar, holding on to the handle and getting a fun ride, and Caiti freaking out in the cart.  Yes, I know she's loud...and yes, she is probably too old to be sitting in the cart.  Yes, I know it's dangerous to put your kids in the cart...unless they're the strapped in babies...but it's much more dangerous for them to bolt on you in the store.  There, I'm done with my rant.
I found a nice salesperson who helped us find a window stopper that you couldn't take off manually.  After all, Garrett figured those out in two seconds.  Maybe that is why his ABA tutors have taught him to answer, "I am!"  when they ask, "Who's the smartest?"  I think these window stoppers are pretty awesome.  You can only unscrew them with an allen wrench.  Phew.  I got mine at Lowes, but if you are ordering online, I could only find them here:

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