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May 30, 2012

Carpet Shampooer...yet again

As an autism mom, there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for my carpet shampooer for one reason or another.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.
My husband went back home to visit his family over Memorial Day weekend, so I was home alone with my three cuties for three days.  I made a conscious decision to have a good attitude and try to do things with my kids so they wouldn't be bored and neither would I.
I saw the cutest idea on pinterest using fingerpaints.  I was inspired by this picture especially, using a footprint to make a tractor (  So cute.
I decided to try and make it for Jason's room to go with the transportation theme.  So Jason, Garrett and I all set out for the backyard, fingerpaints in hand.  Jason and Garrett had a grand time putting fingerpaints all over themselves...while I, unsuccessfully, tried to show them that they should put fingerpaints on the paper.  But that was okay. It was probably my fault, since the first thing we did when we were out there was slather green paint on Jason's foot for the tractor picture...hmmm...  Garrett's favorite part was getting sprayed off with the hose afterward.  When I shut the hose off, he politely requested, "More water please."  So I sent him inside to the shower...and not thinking, forgot to put the fingerpaints up.
how Jason's tractor turned out
The next morning I was relaxing in my bedroom, and in walked Garrett covered in blue paint from head to toe.  He reminded me of Mystique from x-men.  I wished I had a camera (both of mine were ruined by certain kids in my household who will remain nameless), and Kevin took his phone with him which is my backup camera source.

Not even two minutes later, in walked Jason covered from head to toe in red fingerpaint.  Mind you, both kids had stripped down beforehand.  Maybe I should be grateful for that.  Seeing Jason reminded me of his birthday party...
Both kids had showers.  So when they say "washable" on the front of the paints, it really of skin.  But it's ridiculous to get out of clothes...and carpet.  So, back to my first sentence.  I'm grateful for my carpet shampooer because there was red and blue throughout my house, and my shampooer got most of that up, just leaving a very faded color that you can only see if you are looking for it.

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