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Feb 8, 2012

Weighted Blanket

As an autism mom, I'm SO thankful for my sister, Nicole, who has my family for Christmas this year.  Earlier she had asked me what I would want for my kids.  I told her, "If you were really rich, I would say weighted blankets!"  She then made it happen for me.  She found online tutorials for weighted blankets, and spent hours and hours thinking through how to make the best blankets for my kids and sewing each individual quilting pillow and weighing them to make sure the weight would be distributed evenly.   She was so thoughtful about the little details.  For example, my youngest, Jason is very into biting and chewing everything.  So, to prevent him from ruining his blanket, she added ribbons on the ends for him to chew on, like some baby blankets have.  We just got Jason's in the mail (such a wonderful early Christmas present!), and we are so excited to get the rest of them.  I am so grateful for the time, money and thought that she put into these.  I know this will help so much with their sleeping issues...which will then help with my sleeping issues...which will then help me be a nicer, cheerier mommy.  :)


  1. You are too sweet, Christine. I hope Jason loves it and you get some sleep!

  2. Wow! What a super, wonderful gift! Nicole, you are too amazing! Christine, I hope they help. Sleep is every mommy's dream.

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