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Feb 21, 2012


As an autism mom, and I'm sure so many autism parents can relate, I'm thankful for "First, Then" statements.  It is pretty cool that I can use these statements to help my kids understand that eventually they will get what they want or that they don't have to be stuck doing something they don't want to do.  I've used it as a motivator to get them to do their chores, to go potty. Every morning I get Garrett gets motivated for school by stating, "First school, then daddy."
Speaking of daddy, I had the CUTEST, SWEETEST little experience yesterday with Jason where I used a "first-then" statement.  Yesterday was President's Day, so all the kids and Kevin were home.  We had a pretty good day.  Jason was Kevin's shadow all day, and I think Kevin loved it.  He totally wore Kevin out though, asking for rides, etc., all day.  So, in order to give Kevin a break I had Jason come take a nap with me.  He was so upset, crying for several minutes, and I didn't know how to calm him down and get him to go to sleep.  Then I heard him say, "Dee dee."  I knew he wanted to be with his daddy, so I said, "First Nigh Night, then daddy."  He sort of stopped mid cry, and looked at me with his big, teary eyes, and repeated, "Dee dee?"  So I just kept telling him "First Nigh Night, then daddy," and he calmed right down and was asleep in a matter of seconds.  It was so sweet to get him to understand that he could still see his buddy if he took his nap first.  :)

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