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Feb 25, 2012


So, after spending 30 minutes hosing (or showering...whichever way you want to look at it) off my daughter and cleaning up a bunch of crap (literally) underneath our swing set, I'm just going to have to say that I'm grateful for the times that my kids are successful in the potty area.  That way I won't scream, or throw myself a pity party...or vomit cause some aspects of life are just pretty disgusting here at my house.
I am grateful for the many resources out there for potty training.  An example of one resource I really like is the social story that I got the above picture from.  I know it's a faux pas to put pics of kids pooping or peeing on the internet, so it's hard to explain to a kid who is visual and not good with language where their poop goes.  I found that social story at, and it's my favorite one out there.
I was all proud of myself when I thought up a game for Caiti where I had three pictures:  One of the potty, one underneath the swings, and one in her bedroom.  It was called "Where Do I Go Potty?" I attached little velcro pieces to the different places and then cut out a pic of poop and put velcro on the back.  The funny thing is...on paper, she totally knows poop goes in the potty.  She got it right every time she tried. It is just getting her to do it in real life that is the hard part.
I just got a pretty good ap on the iPad, it's also on the android, called See Me Go Potty.  Here's a link for the information.
It's a great potty training ap.   Anyway, I like that it has an Avatar that you can make look like your kid, and that it shows an animated version of an accident or of going to the potty along with a nice little script that I expect Garrett will memorize and repeat spontaneously.  It would make me really happy if he memorized the words and then actually did what he was saying..."I walk, walk, walk to the potty." Then I wouldn't have to have the responsibility of taking my kids potty on a schedule.
So, to repeat my first sentence...I'm grateful for the times they go in the toilet, and not in their pants or on the ground.  I like the days when I don't feel like I live in a giant toilet.  Here's to hoping things will progress.  As always...patience is the key...right?

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