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Jan 1, 2013

Sarcastic Family Christmas Letter - 2012 Edition

Merry Christmas Everyone:

This year Garrett continued his various adventures.  I think he has learned from Dora that you can explore without your parents. One day we couldn't find him for an hour and a half, and the police helicopter, two squad cars and neighborhood patrol helped us find him.  He thought it was so fun to hang out with the cool officers.  However, On a good note, it wasn't because he undid the safety latch on the front door.  He has decided the safety latch is supposed to be shut, so he locks it himself cause he's a giant 8 year old and can reach the top of the door.  That's really fun if you are just going to the car or checking the mail.  He used his amazing observation skills to figure out that if you push a button on the garage wall, the garage door will come up.  This is how he got out the couple times it happened.  He was so good at getting mommy and daddy to disable the garage door opener.  He is doing much better on potty training.  Still working on the wiping part though.  Hoping that next year's letter will include a happy post about toilet paper.
 Caiti also learned from Dora, and went on her own adventure this year.  However, Dora wears shorts, a shirt and a backpack, and Caiti was wearing her favorite birthday suit.  Mommy only had a small panick attack when that happened.Caiti still is very comfortable in her own skin, and her birthday suit is STILL her favorite outfit.  Her aunt Michelle has done a great job getting her to wear clothes sometimes.  She gives her fun rides and spins her if she is wearing her clothes.  Hopefully, she will do this without the rides soon enough because she's over 60 lbs, and we want Aunt Michelle to continue having a healthy back.  Caiti has made many fun new friends with her toys.  We are learning not to give her battery-operated toys cause they no longer work if they have bath parties with Caiti.
Jason decided that he is going to be more independent this year.  His teacher informed me that his tantrums, noncompliance, etc., are all a good thing because that means he is progressing developmentally.  He has figured out how to climb on the counters to get what we thought was out of his reach on top of the fridge.  My friend also figured out that Andy Sandberg developed his "I throw it on the ground" SNL skit using Jason as his inspiration because Jason's really good at clearing a counter, a plate, a table, etc.  I think he likes empty spaces...except for the ground.
All in all, we're progressing in our own little ways.  Merry Christmas to all!
Love the Roaches

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