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Dec 21, 2011

Toilet plungers and Snakes

As an autism mom, I'm thankful for toilet plungers.  My daughter is going through a phase where she thinks the bathroom is some sort of fun water park for her toys.  She likes to place them in the sink and then fill it with water, their own make-shift pool.  Who knew plush toys floated?  She loves to put them in the toilet too.  Then she tries to flush them down.  What a fun water slide for the toys.  We learned the hard way not to give Caiti little figurines to play with anymore.  Those go down the "water slide" the best and then clog the pipes.  Toilet plungers are a blessing...and so are those snakes you have to spend big bucks on at the hardware store.  Although, from our experience neither works with the little figurines.  That's the big job of pulling the toilet out of the wall.  (Hooray for the maintenance men in our housing.)

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