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Dec 16, 2011


Today as an autism mom, I'm grateful that my kids show me how smart they are all the time.  I am ashamed to say that I underestimate them daily.  Today was the kids' Holiday party at school, and I had some mini cupcakes set aside for their party.  I don't go when their parties are morning parties because it messes up Garrett's whole day to see me leave school without him.  So, I decided to just send a treat.  I put the cupcakes in a plastic bag, tied the bag to my daughter's backpack, then placed her backpack outside so nobody would get into them.  I then spent the rest of the time waiting for the school bus and continually putting Caiti's socks and shoes back on.  When the bus came, I looked around for Garrett and found him in his bedroom with Caiti's backpack, frosting all over his face, and cupcake crumbs all over EVERYTHING.
I feel like sometimes my autism grattitude list doesn't show all sides of being an autism mom.  I have had to learn to cope with the hard stuff or the stuff that annoys me...I find something to learn from...or try to change my thinking to make it a positive experience.  So here's my attempt with this small example of the cupcakes: My total annoyance this morning was a result of my underestimating my son's intelligence.  He was smart enough to see me hide the cupcakes.  He was smart enough to go get them when I was otherwise occupied and wouldn't notice, and he was smart enough to hide in his room where he could enjoy those cupcakes in peace.  So I'll try and change my thinking and say it again:  I am grateful my kids are smart.

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