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Jun 4, 2015

Those Other Parents that Understand

As an autism mom, I'm so grateful for those other parents that understand exactly what it is like to experience raising children on the spectrum.  It's just a fact that if you meet another parent with kids with autism, you have an instant friend and support.
I felt like this blog post said it perfectly because we can all relate to so many of the signs on the list:
38 Signs You Might be an Autism Parent
Just thought I'd share this insight I had one day.  I firmly believe that before I was sent to this earth for this test we call life, God called me into his office and said, "Hey Christine, I have an experience in mind for you.  It will be extremely unique and you will be able to learn so much.  It will also be extremely hard, but it will be worth it."   And I know that the thought of that made me excited and nervous, and here I am, in this experience that is extremely unique, has taught me so much, is extremely hard, but also so very worth it.  Being an autism mom...there's nothing like it.

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