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Mar 8, 2014

Laundry and Friendship

As an autism mom, I struggle with SO MUCH LAUNDRY.  Two of my kids are basically potty trained, but they still have accidents sometimes.  All three have nighttime accidents.  That leads to at least two loads of bedding every single day, not to mention the clothes they go through.  We are trying so hard to keep one child clothed, until we see a streaking image running past us and find different outfit attempts hidden throughout the house.  I can wash a whole drawerful of clothes that were worn for maybe 15 minutes.
Now, here is my gratitude part.  I have a very dear friend who recently felt prompted to come by every morning and pick up those two loads of bedding I mentioned earlier.  She washes them, returning the next morning to swap the clean sheets with the newly dirty ones.  She told me that is what God told her I needed, and I believe her because I would NEVER feel comfortable asking that of anyone, and most people wouldn't think of laundry as something to do for someone. Laundry is one of those things that can make me feel depressed and overwhelmed and put me in a mommy funk.
I now have hope because there is a diminishing mountain of laundry in the laundry room.  I feel so loved and grateful.  My friend also showed me this, which makes her even more awesome:

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