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Feb 5, 2013

Addressing Appropriate Touch

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for resources out there to address the serious subject of appropriate and inappropriate touch.  I'm not talking about the healthy exploration that every kid goes through, discovering different parts of their bodies, but I'm talking about explaining appropriate touch by others.  This is one of those things that so many parents of non-verbal children are afraid of.  What if someone does something inappropriate to my child, and they don't have the language to tell me.  What if they don't understand my wording, especially because social boundaries are so hard for children with autism.
So, I have put together some resources that I will be using to explain all of this to my kids in a way that they could better understand.
I think when I do this, I will start by explaining what private parts are:
To explain private parts very clearly, this social story can be helpful What are Private Parts.
I would then go on to explain who it is okay and not okay to be naked around.  A helpful social story for this  is Who Can See Me Naked.  I especially like this one because I have a child who loves to be naked, and I think this can help some.  I appreciate that it includes the doctor as someone that is okay to see them naked.
I would then read them the social story, What is Bad Touch or this social story Good touches and Bad Touches.  These stories explain the places that other people should not be touching with both words and drawings.
There are other helpful social stories about appropriate hugging and kissing on their part.  These are Who Can I Kiss and All About Hugs.

The websites that I used for these links are and

Lastly, I was reading an article about two preschoolers who were caught exploring each other's bodies with their mouths.  Very shocking and sad, but at the same time, they probably didn't realize their behavior was inappropriate.  One of the comments underneath that story suggested using this video with young children to prevent this behavior.

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