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Aug 22, 2012

Hair Clippers and Mirrors

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for hair clippers.  I haven't ever been one who felt talented in the hair cutting department.  I have cut my own bangs with disastrous results.  I cut Caiti's hair once...from whence I was banned forever from touching her hair.  I don't even try to cut my boys' hair.
A common thing in so many kids with autism is HATING haircuts.  The first time we cut Garrett's hair, my dad was there to video the momentous occasion.  Let's just say it was painful to watch.  I've never seen him scream or cry so much.  It just wasn't the cute home movie I was expecting.  My sister had clippers and would come over three or four times a year and cut his hair super short.  We learned ways to distract him, like putting a movie on the portable DVD player, etc.  When we got stationed in San Diego, I no longer had the wonderful luxury of having a sister to cut hair.  We started going to the local NEX (Navy store) gas station.  It has a Barbershop right inside, and haircuts are under $10.
Let's just say that ended the last time I took Jason there.  He was so upset, I'm sure due to the sensory overload of all the buzzing clippers, the bright lights, tons of people, etc.  He started crying so hard that he threw up all over their cape.
That's when I bought clippers.  Yay for those.  I can hold Jason in my lap and hurry real fast and cut his hair.  If he needs a little break, he can have one, and then I have to chase him around and finish the haircut.  Also, those clippers paid for themselves the first time I cut both Garrett and Jason's hair.

Caiti, on the other hand, has beautiful, naturally curly hair.  She's not so keen on my putting clips, bows, barrettes  ponytail holders, etc., in her hair, so if it gets too long, it starts to look really stringy and messy.  I can't cut her hair either, because clippers don't really work for a longer hairstyle, right?  Luckily, we have found a salon that actually has decent lighting and hair stylists who are flexible.  She tolerates the cape for about a minute, then freaks out and tries to take it off.  She'll stay sitting for about that long as well.  Those hair stylists are good at cutting her hair while she stands up...and doesn't stand still at all. The only reason Caiti is any good at the salon is that they have giant mirrors that she can look at herself in and smile and make faces.  That is her favorite.  So, yes, I'm also thankful for the mirrors at the salon as well.



  1. I wish I could get Jenna to sit, stand or even lay down for a haircut!! Her hair is so long and out of control, I don't know what to do. our kids are so cute, by the way!

  2. Thanks for the post is like going to the dentist with the kids.