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Jan 15, 2012

Mattress protectors

As an autism mom, and basically any mom, I'm grateful there are mattress protectors for my cute little bed wetters so my whole house doesn't smell like urine.  The best mattress protectors I have found are at Ikea.  They are really soft on the top and have that vinyl-type bottom to keep the wetness off the mattress.  The sides that go over the bed are made of a stretchy fabric, so they don't rip if your kids are...say...bed jumpers.
My sister, also known as the coolest person ever at our house, also got these great mattress covers like the ones you use at the hospital, for my kids since they are getting bigger and sometimes mattress protectors don't fully protect the mattress.


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  3. We have a medium firmness foam mattress from Ikea. They're fairly cheap and suuuper comfy. Also it's a pretty firm mattress so it will give you the support you need. It has no springs so there are no "pressure points" but it also makes it kinda hard to move; definitely a 2 person job. Tempurpedic Mattress

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