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Nov 18, 2011

Fridge and Cabinet Locks

As an autism mom, I'm thankful for fridge and cabinet locks, so I still have groceries the day after I go shopping. :)  Let's not forget the fact that these locks prevent my kids from cracking eggs all over the house, pouring the spices out onto the floor, drinking medications they shouldn't be taking...the list goes on and on.
I used to use the Safety First fridge locks (, but after Garrett figured those out, I shelled out some money and bought these locks that have adhesive on the back (  Of course, adhesive isn't enough, I do use super glue as well, so the kids don't just yank the adhesive part off of the fridge.  I also decided to use combination locks instead of the key locks that come with the kit, because my kids figured out that the key opened the fridge, and they would carry it around and bring it to me all day.  I finally lost it after they carried it off somewhere... 
For the cupboard locks, we ended up drilling holes in our cabinets to make a spot for handles because the best cabinet locks for our needs go around the door handles.  (  However, the reviews for this product say that it is too hard for adults to open.  It is pretty hard to open, but we figured it out, and luckily, our kids didn't.  :)


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