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Jun 30, 2014

Unpaid/Unsolicited Endorsement for the Wow Cup

Today I had to pick Jason up from school because he threw up on the bus.  Yippee.  So, I decided to go to Rite Aid and pick up some gatorade.  Jason is my child who dumps any/all drinks, so I was also looking to get a sippy cup too.  Of course, our dog loves to chew on sippy cup lids, so sippy cups last about 10 seconds at my house.
Anyway, back to my trip to Rite Aid:  I always end up meandering through the "As Seen On TV" aisle because I'm a dork, and I'm fascinated by all the cool inventions that make life easier...if they really work.
So, I just happened upon my new favorite invention.   The Wow Cup. 

I had never heard of it, but the words "No Spills" jumped out from the shelf.  Also, there are no straws, etc., that would just get lost in my house.  You drink out of it the same way you would a regular cup, but the top of the cup looks like this.

When you go to drink out of it, the sucking motion of your mouth brings the liquid out through the edges of the cup top.  It doesn't matter which edge, the entire cup top works that way.  It also has a texture that my kids adore.  They always find toys, etc., that are that same material to put in their mouths, so I'm thinking a cup is way more appropriate.  
Just thought I'd put this out there in cyberspace for those other moms who are looking for a solution to the dumping/spilling problem, but they don't want their older child to be seen with a sippy cup.   Yay for new inventions.

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