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Jul 6, 2013

Something to do With Popsicle Sticks

As an autism mom, I'm grateful I found a fun idea on Pinterest to do with popsicle sticks.  First though, funny fact about me.  When I was little, I really wanted to collect something, i.e., stamps, dolls...that kind of stuff. But I didn't really have the resources for that, so I ended up washing off all the popsicle sticks after we had popsicles.  I ended up with a great big bag of them, and I had such ideas of what I was going to make with them...that never happened.  So, today, I have finally made something out of popsicle sticks.  It might not be the same, since I bought these sticks at the Dollar Store.
I decided to try out the popsicle stick puzzles they have all over Pinterest.  I found some pics my kids would like on google images...

I printed the pics off, and then modpodged the popsicle sticks to the backs of the pictures.  After they dried, I cut between the sticks and then remodpodged (is that a word?) the fronts of the sticks so the pics would stay on securely.  

I was originally going to put a strip of velcro on a laminated sheet of paper and then the other side of the velcro on the popsicle sticks, but I was too lazy.  Instead, I found some old magnetic tape and put strips on the backs of the sticks.  That way, they can just put the puzzles together on a cookie sheet.  As always, who knows if they will actually use them...but at least I did something with those popsicle sticks.

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