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Mar 12, 2013

Autism Discussion Page on Facebook

As an autism mom, I'm grateful for a page that I found on facebook that I like so much and has been such a good resource to turn to when I'm trying to learn a little more about my children and why they act how they do.  It is the Autism Discussion Page.

In the 'About' section it states:

"This page was developed by Bill Nason, MS, LLP to discuss tools that help children on the spectrum feel safe, accepted and competent. Although each child is different, with their unique strengths and challenges, their are some common strategies that can strengthen the social, emotion, and cognitive security for most children on the spectrum. Come learn, share, and support.

This discussion page will present a tool box of strategies for helping the child feel safe, accepted and competent. I will present the presentations in a series of power points represented in photo albums. If you are joining the page mid way through you can easily get at each power point from the photos section. When you go to the photo section, you will see only the lastest six albums. There will be more hidden. Just click on the "see all photo" link to see the earlier ones."

The above picture was taken from one of the first presentations on the page, and I love it.
I encourage anyone who is on facebook and wants to join a special needs group to take a look at this page.  It is a nice source to go to for support and knowledge concerning these cute kids and how their minds and bodies work.  :)

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