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Jul 15, 2012

Cookie Tins and Gift Tins

Today, as an autism mom, I'm grateful for cookie tins and gift tins.  Thanks to the ever-trusty pinterest, I found out that cookie tins were I figured that gift tins were too.  I'm happy cause I keep finding gift tins at yard sales for a quarter or less.  Anyway, had to share a few more of the "busy" activities I made for the kids using cookie tins and gift tins. (I made all the magnets by printing the pics off of Google Images, gluing them to magnet strips [or you could print them directly on magnetic paper], and then laminating them).
This first idea is so cute.  I could play with it all day by myself.  I got the idea from here:
I mod podged the paper, letters and Caiti's pic on the lid of the gift tin.  Then magnetized a bunch of photo prop pics that I printed at a smaller size to use to make Caiti look super chic, silly, or just way too cute.
I got the idea for the next project after I made some homemade Sesame Street magnets for our fridge.  I was very happy that Caiti would get distracted by the magnets when she was constantly going to the fridge to get something to eat.  I used a cookie tin, covered it with mod podge, and printed backgrounds off of Google Images.  The jungle background works great for the Dora and Madagascar magnets
 I was super excited to find a real Spongebob background.  It works perfectly...although no Krusty Krab...hmmm...
 I used another gift tin to make three different backgrounds, (one on the lid, one on the inside and one on the bottom), using pics from an Architectural Digest magazine: a kitchen, a dining room and a library.  That way the Muppet, Sesame Street, and the Shrek character magnets all have somewhere to hang out.
I was pretty proud of myself, as always, when I figured these out.  Hope the kids have as much fun with them as I had making them.  We'll see...

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